Tuesday, June 7, 2011

31 Days All New Routine Challenge - Day 2 - 7

Day 2: Dishes away after breakfast, pans cleaned, counters wiped down. NEXT THING: Clean and organize any kitchen hot spots.

Supper dishes actually got done last night and breakfast around here usually consists of coffee for me. The kids sleep in during summer vacation, so their breakfast doesn't usually happen till at least noon! But, this morning I put away all the dishes that were left to dry last night and did a little sprucing up of the counters and a quick sweep up of the birthday cake crumbs on the floor.

(Yes, it was my middle son's 9th birthday yesterday! Whoop Whooop! )

NEXT THING: I would have to say that the hot spots in my kitchen are the kitchen table and the area beside it in front of my pantry. The kitchen table is kind of a no-brainer, however the area in front of my pantry is all my fault. The boxes there are things that I needed to price and take to the consignment shop. So, as my Next Thing Mission, I got them all priced and taken out to the van for our next trip to town!

Day 3: Clean kitchen. NEXT THING: Gather all the dirty laundry and sort. Main spaces pick-up.

Kitchen has been staying pretty well clean. Just need to do a quick dish / counter / sweep in the am.

Laundry is a daily thing around here with seven of us, so I've already done a load by noon.

Main spaces picked up and put away. (PUPA)

Day 4: Kitchen, Main spaces. NEXT THING: Clean one bedroom and do laundry for that bedroom. Put laundry away.

Kitchen done & Main spaces PUPA.

Clean one bedroom - well, this turned into my boy's bedroom because this morning their whole bunk bed came crashing down while they were in it! Supid, Cheap, Poorly made furniture! So, the whole bed frame had to come out and taken to the dumpster. That gave me a pretty good opportunity to get what they had stashed under their bed cleaned up, toys put away, trash bagged up and clothes re-folded and put away that they had thrown all over. Gave it a good vaccuming and it's done. Laundry put away later in the day when it got done.

*side note* I have issues with putting laundry away. I don't know why I have no trouble at all washing it, drying it and folding it. But putting it away.. somehow my brain stops once I fold! I have a dozen laundry baskets just for that purpose. To hold the clean laundry! (Not the dirty!) Imagine that. I really have to work on that. Of course, I blame not having enough dressers.

Day 5: Kitchen, Main spaces. NEXT THING: Bathrooms

Kitchen and main spaces done. Bathrooms done. I made the girls clean up the main bathroom. I cannot for the life of me figure out how they managed to collect so much 'stuff' in there. Hair stuff, body stuff, shower stuff... sheesh!

Day 6: Kitchen, Main spaces. NEXT THING: Prepare meals for tomorrow (Sunday)

Kitchen and Main spaces are done. I am not really preparing anything for tomorrow's meals. We have a lot of leftovers to choose from that I don't want to go to waste.

Sunday: Rest.

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